Witness, Day of Atonement


Shalom my Friends; We know that two or more witness are powerful and when a message comes on one of Our Father’s appointed times it is like hearing God Face to Face. Yesterday on the Day of Atonement there was two messengers, George H. Guthrie and Darril Holden talking about being Face to Face with the God who sees. We have the privilege to go into the Holy of Holies, to the mercy seat, to be in the presence with the Father for we are under the Our Atonement Jesus/Yeshua Our High Priest.

This is awesome for the message the Jews have about the Day of Atonement is also to meet God Face to Face. Therefore to have that many witness let us not deny that God wants to meet with us one on one, plus as an assemble, for He is Our loving Father who cares and see us as his precious children.

Let us remember that we who are called from darkness into the light, to see Our Father Face to Face that we are born again not to the flesh but by the same anointing Spirit that was in Christ, Yeshua/Jesus. Therefore let there be no doubt only Faith upon Faith, trusting God Our Father in Yeshua that He loves us more than we can ask or imagine. Have a wonderful and power week as a child of the Most High God who cares. Shalom